Laundry Equipment for Multi-Housing Facilities

Transform your laundry room in multi-housing properties to a luxurious amenity that helps retain residents and gives your property a competitive advantage. Speed Queen Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment offers unmatched reliability, energy efficiency and performance for multi-housing properties. Speed Queen machines are made with robust user-friendly controls, attractive designs and time-saving features keeping residents and property owners satisfied. 

Quantum Controls

Quantum Controls connect Speed Queen equipment, programming capabilities and multi-housing facility management tools into one versatile system using the most sophisticated technology on the market. This allows property owners to manage the laundry room remotely through any internet-connected device making it easier to:

  • Establish multi-level pricing and soil-level cycles.
  • Track coin or card transactions.
  • Easy-to-read digital display making it easy for users to see how the load is progressing.
  • 27 cycle combinations offering residents with the perfect temperature and soil-level selection for maximum efficiency and to meet the user’s needs.
  • Multi-level vending options for various vend prices, hot/warm wash cycles and medium to heavy soil loads.
  • Allow users to purchase additional dryer time before the initial dryer cycle is completed.

Wash and Service Alert

The WashAlert and Service Alert system is designed for both property owners and residents as an add on to Quantum Controls boosting efficiency and convenience. Property owners can receive real-time information on the operational ins and outs of the laundry room from vending errors to machine restart options. Residents are able to log in online to check the status of laundry machines, see when machines will be open and receive e-mail or text notifications when their cycle is finished.


This essential feature offers multiple programming options plus an attractive, easy-to-read design. Programming options include:

  • Coin Countdown Start: Display the vended price and countdown the time until the cycle is completed.
  • Touch Pad Control: Temperature and cycle touch pad selection.
  • Activation Options: Available with coin drop installed, card ready or coin ready models.

Coin Slide

Meet the basic needs in your multi-housing properties with Speed Queen’s wide range of coin slide operated laundry products and features, including:

  • Two Washer Control Options: Available with one- or two-speed motors and normal/gentle wash plus fast/slow extracting cycles.
  • Six Wash Cycles: Six total cycles plus three water savings cycles: Norma, Perm Press and Delicate.
  • Three Wash Temperatures: Hot, Warm or Cold wash temperatures.
  • Four Dryer Heat Cycles: Normal, Perm Press, Delicate and No Heat.


Maintain consistency for optimal efficiency with Push-To-Start features including energy-saving cycle with an electronic timer. In addition to push-to-start activation with an “In Use” LED light these features include six water and cycle selections and four dryer heat cycle selections.

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