Whether you run a small, minimum-security correctional facility or a large prison with hundreds of inmates, Laundry One has the on-premise washer and dryer solutions you need. From cost-efficiency to inmate safety, there are plenty of considerations that go into picking machines for your facility. Laundry One helps get you the machines to tackle all these challenges head-on.

Cost Savings

Cost is a huge consideration when choosing on-premise laundry equipment. Both the initial cost and the cost of operations and maintenance need to work for your budget. On-premise laundry can result in large cost savings over using a third-party service for linens. Laundry One is here to help your correctional facility get laundry done at a price that serves you.  


Starting on-premise laundry for a correctional facility is a great choice to increase efficiency. Not only are our machines affordable to purchase and set up, but the additional energy and water efficiency also provide huge cost savings benefits afterward. Of course, high-load washers and dryers also need to treat fibers gently so linens and uniforms don’t need constant replacement. The machines offered by Laundry One can provide the efficiency you need.

Health & Safety

Keeping linens and uniforms clean and sanitized is critical to maintaining health standards. Health also includes keeping inmates or others working the machines safe from harmful chemicals or mechanics. The machines supplied by Laundry One offer auto-injectors for chemicals and feature simple, programmable touch screens. You can also rest easy knowing your linens are reaching the highest standards of cleanliness.

User Friendly

Our touchscreen-equipped washers and dryers are user friendly. All of our machines offer multiple programmable settings that make doing laundry a breeze. Whether you have workers or inmates controlling the machines, easy controls allow everyone to switch loads quickly with just the press of a few buttons, so everyone can get back to work on other important tasks. 

Time Saving

Correctional facilities are built on routine, which means you can’t be waiting around for a drying cycle to end and leave a job unfinished. Laundry One machines are timely and offer multiple cycle times to meet your needs. Plus, the programmable touchscreen means no messing with controls. One push of a button and everything starts easily and quickly!

Parts & Service

If your machines break down, you need trusted and reliable servicing. When you choose Laundry One, you get a dedicated sales team as well as the best parts and fastest service available. Having all this under one company means not having to vet new services and personnel if things stop working. Our performance monitoring and maintenance mean we can keep the washers and dryers in your correctional facility working like new.

Call Today!

If you run a correctional facility in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, then you need to call Laundry One for your needs. We offer the best on-premise washers and dryers for correctional facilities and are standing by to help you. Call us today!