Do you run a health care facility in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky? Are you constantly waiting for linen deliveries? Is outsourcing your laundry costing your budget big? An on-premise laundry may be the best option to wash and dry hospital and healthcare facility linens. Whether you’re a small nursing home or a large clinic, Laundry One can help set you up with the machines you need to run an in-house laundry.

Health Care facilities have many additional concerns when it comes to their laundry. Larger clinics and hospitals, especially ones in major cities such as Columbus, Indianapolis, and Lexington, need to tackle a large volume of linens—estimated by the CDC to be over 5 billion pounds every year in the US. Laundry One has washers and dryers that can handle this volume with efficiency for both your time and budget.

Many fabrics used in hospitals have very specific washing requirements, such as low-temperature washes or drying cycles for fabrics with low melting points. You need washers with settings for every scenario. And when these sheets, gowns, towels, and apparel are needed—they’re needed now! You can’t be waiting around for an off-site laundry company to show up with a delivery. Fast and efficient on-premise machines are the only way to guarantee you always have what you need when you need it.

Perhaps the most significant difference between health care facilities and other industries, are the cleanliness and sanitation guidelines imposed for the safety of patients and staff. Most of the concerns with linen cleanliness are addressed in the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. The CDC has created supplemental guidelines for preventing infection within a healthcare facility’s laundry. Laundry One has large-capacity machines with automatic chemical injection options to customize every cycle to the standards of sanitation required.

Smaller health care facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and outpatient clinics, may still use commercial washers and dryers. Industrial washers and dryers, like those available from Laundry One, can streamline and shorten your laundry process, leaving staff more time to care for patients (and significant savings on your utility bills).

No matter what type of health care facility you run in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky, an on-premise laundry may be the solution you’re looking for. Call Laundry One today and let us help you find the perfect machines for your exact needs.


Dexter on-premise dryers

Dexter On-Premise Dryers
Dexter on-premise dryers are available in single and stacked models. The single dryers offer sizes ranging from 30 lb to 120 lb capacities, while the stack dryers are available as 30 lbs or 50 lbs models.

Dexter on-premise stack washer dryer

Dexter On-Premise Stack Washer-Dryer
The Dexter on-premise stack washer-dryer is available as a 30 lb capacity model. This combination unit features an Express 200 g-force extraction washer on the lower half and an Express dryer on the upper half.

Dexter on-premise 6cycle laundry

Dexter On-Premise Washers - 6 cycle Controls
Dexter on-premise washers with a 6 cycle control are available with standard 100 g-force or Express 200 g-force extraction. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 lb to 90 lb capacities.

Dexter on-premise 6cycle laundry

Dexter On-Premise Washers - O-Series

Dexter on-premise washers with O-Series control are available with standard 100 g-force or Express 200 g-force extraction. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 40 lb to 90 lb capacities.


Yamamoto soft-mount washers

Yamamoto Soft-Mount Washer-Extractors

Yamamoto manufactures the best built soft-mount washers in the world. Crafted to the highest standards while maintaining a cost-effective solution for on-premise linen cleaning. Yamamoto offers the WUN series of soft-mount washers in load sizes ranging from 50 pounds to 260 pounds.

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