Dexter On-Premise Express Washers - O-Series

T-350 Express


T-450 Express


T-650 Express


T-750 Express

t-750-express-6-cycle-black-front (1)

T-950 Express


T-1450 Express

t-1450-express-6-cycle-black-front (1)

Dexter O-Series on-premise washers feature ultimate flexibility. With 100 cycles made up of 20 stages you’ll have the flexibility and precision you need. Industry-specific cycles and make O-Series controls easier than ever to program. Special cycles and heated models are available for applications where precision is critical. As always, every Dexter washer model is designed to withstand our extreme 1,000 hour out-of-balance test to ensure you get the reliability you need. With lifetime technical support and an industry leading 10-year limited warranty, you can be confident that we will stand behind every washer you invest in.

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