On-Premise Washers & Dryers for Hotels, Motels, & Inns

If you’re running a hotel, motel, or inn in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky, then you have a big-time need for cost and time-efficient on-premise laundry options. Outsourcing laundering for sheets, towels, and uniforms can mean your budget is stretched to the max. Speed up sheet and towel turnover while saving money with on-premise laundry solutions from Laundry One.

Whether you need just one stacked industrial washer/dryer for a small inn or motel or a whole fleet of laundry solutions for your expansive hotel, Laundry One has got you covered. Washers and dryers from Laundry One will treat your linens with care while getting them to the highest standards of cleanliness. Our commercial and industrial machines protect fibers from damage so your linens still look new after thousands of washings. 

There are also multiple options for injector systems for adding bleach or softener to get whites whiter and keep linens softer. Dryers offer settings for various linen types so you get the gentlest and quickest drying cycle possible. All this is on top of the water and energy efficiency you already get from quality on-premise washers and dryers.

Many hotels and motels also offer guest access to coin-operated washers and dryers. These machines need to be efficient, dependable, and leave your guests’ laundry feeling and looking fresh and clean. Low-quality washers and dryers can damage fabrics or leave stains behind, disappointing travelers.

Guests expect quality, crisp, clean sheets and towels in their rooms from the moment they arrive. Delayed linen deliveries could mean guests waiting to check-in or calling the front desk wondering where their new towels are. Whether you want to better serve your existing guests, increase your on-premise guest laundry options, or boost your room reservations by offering quicker room linen turnover, you can always count on Laundry One to get you what you need. Call today to discuss on-premise laundry or coin-operated washers and dryers.


Dexter on-premise dryers

Dexter On-Premise Dryers
Dexter on-premise dryers are available in single and stacked models. The single dryers offer sizes ranging from 30 lb to 120 lb capacities, while the stack dryers are available as 30 lbs or 50 lbs models.

Dexter on-premise stack washer dryer

Dexter On-Premise Stack Washer-Dryer
The Dexter on-premise stack washer-dryer is available as a 30 lb capacity model. This combination unit features an Express 200 g-force extraction washer on the lower half and an Express dryer on the upper half.

Dexter on-premise 6cycle laundry

Dexter On-Premise Washers - 6 cycle Controls
Dexter on-premise washers with a 6 cycle control are available with standard 100 g-force or Express 200 g-force extraction. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 lb to 90 lb capacities.

Dexter on-premise 6cycle laundry

Dexter On-Premise Washers - O-Series

Dexter on-premise washers with O-Series control are available with standard 100 g-force or Express 200 g-force extraction. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 40 lb to 90 lb capacities.


Yamamoto soft-mount washers

Yamamoto Soft-Mount Washer-Extractors

Yamamoto manufactures the best built soft-mount washers in the world. Crafted to the highest standards while maintaining a cost-effective solution for on-premise linen cleaning. Yamamoto offers the WUN series of soft-mount washers in load sizes ranging from 50 pounds to 260 pounds.

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